Beau came to Mylestone in the late summer of 2011, estimated to be 250 pounds underweight. His owners had lost their jobs and couldn't afford to feed him and were rationing out his food. Beau was slowly starving to death, and his owners were caught in a cycle of denial. At some point they reached out to a rescue in South Jersey, who couldn't take him, but did contact Mylestone. A local volunteer began feeding him until the vet cleared him for travel.

Beau’s teeth were so bad he was unable to eat hay or grass. He needed a senior type feed in order to survive. Once he was here at the farm, we slowly started Beau on small amounts of food 6 times a day. Our biggest surprise came when horse dentist Bill Schultz looked at Beau’s teeth and determined him not to be 25, but closer to 35 years old. We slowly increased Beau's meals to 9 times a day starting at 5:45 in the morning and ending at midnight. We have added soaked hay cubes to his diet which he really enjoys.

Above, Beau's progress after 4 weeks

Beau was a real survivor. He suffered slow starvation beginning in the winter of 2010, and still he endured. At the time we added Beau into our Adoptable Horses section, he had gained close to 50 lbs and was bright and spunky. For the first time in a long time, he was enjoying life and looked forward to every meal!

By early 2012, Beau had gained nearly 200 pounds, loved being outside and truly enjoyed life. However, although he'd been doing really well, he developed laminitis again with the drastic changes in weather. He was put on pain medication and our farrier made special front shoes to relieve pressure on the bottom of Beau's hooves as he walked. Beau also had Cushing’s disease, a common ailment in older horses.

Sadly, Beau took a turn for the worse in late March. His laminitis affected all four hooves, and he stopped eating. Despite any number of efforts, we could not make Beau comfortable, and our vet decided it was best to humanely euthanize him. We'll miss this fighter of a guy who, once in our hands, was determined to make the best of his life. He did great here at Mylestone ... the best he could have done for a horse his age with his medical problems. So long, Beau. Thanks for gracing our lives.

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