Logan is a white paint pony with stunning blue eyes who we took in in July 2011 from a riding stable because his behavior was dangerous to children riders. Logan had been to the auction twice before, and had Mylestone not saved him, he would most likely have gone back a third time. Although said to be 8 or 9, he was actually in his late teens at the time.

We immediately discovered that Logan was indeed very head shy, as if always waiting to be hit or beaten about the head. From his behavior it appeared that he may have been experiencing pain in his neck, and also, from how he held his head, that he may have been used as a driving horse and once in a tight head set.

Logan is not a dangerous pony as much as one in pain, as verified by our veterinarian. He is fearful of being touched, brushed, or of much contact at all. We are working with him slowly, to entice him to begin to trust. And he is coming around ... little by little, and actually quite sweet.

We hope you will help support Logan's continuing journey in learning that the world can be a safe and caring place to be. He would very much appreciate your sponsoring him, or if you would prefer, you may donate to Logan's care It has been decided, since Logan has become such extraordinary pals with Shadow, who is blind, that Logan will stay at Mylestone. He has become a wonderful companion to a horse that really benefits from a good friend.

Best friends, Logan and Shadow

Logan enjoying the winter snows

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