Sundance arrived at Mylestone in April 2011, a 16 hand, 12 year old liver chestnut gelding, 100 pounds underweight. His hind hooves hadn't been trimmed in 5 months. He arrived lame up front, and sore in his stifles and lame behind. It is not yet known if this is related to an abscess he had in his hoof, which was dug out by his owners at the time, dangerously close to the bone.We are hoping that he will become sound over time.

Nervous at first, Sundance settled down fairly quickly, enjoying carrots and attention from the volunteers. He was loved in a home for 9 years, but when his owner became seriously ill with cancer, unable to care for Sundance, she contacted the people she had originally bought him from. They took him back, but contacted her in a few months, complaining that he was lame, and they would send him to auction. She contacted Mylestone and we readily accepted Sundance to the farm, where he is now doing well.

Sundance hanging out with good buddy, Casey.

Sundance, now 21, (in 2020),has a best buddy in Tucker, and they are very attached to each other. Sundance has come a long way and is much more trusting of people to work around him. He is, however, not good for the farrier and gets sedated to have his hooves trimmed. Despite this minor issue, he is a very good boy who would be so grateful for your support. Please help care for our handsome fella, and sponsor Sundance or donate to his care

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