Bayou came to Mylestone on October 22, 2010, a 10 year old Thoroughbred gelding, jet black and a very kind horse. He was both lame and severely undernourished when he arrived, needing to gain 250 pounds. (See photo at right and below.)He didn't have much interest in the other horses, just his food. He was given 5 meals a day plus almost a bale of hay daily. He is weak in the rear end, hopefully due to lameness. We got his stifles X-rayed and began building him up.

Prior to his arrival at Mylestone, Bayou had been moved about from pillar to post. Once a poor racer, he was owned for the last 5 years by people that could no longer afford to feed him. They moved him to NY state, then to a handicapped riding program in NJ, and at each location, his board was not met by his owners, despite their promises. When Mylestone was asked for help, we accepted. Then only 10 years old, we saw a bright future for Bayou once he was in better condition.

As you can see from his photo at left when he first arrived, Bayou made amazing progress in the time he was with us. But the best news for Bayou came when he found a home of his own with Hilary and Michael and another horse they adopted, Sal. Bayou is doing great and his new people absolutely adore him.

Bayou and his new buddy Sal, also adopted by Hilary and Mike

Read more about Bayou when he first arrived and see additional photos.

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