Casey came to us in October, 2010, a three year-old who was part of a large cruelty case in south Jersey. The SPCA had asked for Mylestone's help with the horses kept by a hoarder. Casey arrived just days before Open House, very thin, very malnourished, and with badly stunted growth. (See photo at right and below.)

Due to neglect, Casey has the head of a horse, but the body of a pony. We were told he was a gelding, but we soon discovered he is, in fact, a stud colt. Some of the mares seemed to know, but he didn't seem to grasp it, and he continued to behave like a gelding right through the surgery.

Casey has a very sweet personality, and is enjoying all the attention he gets from everyone. It doesn't seem that he was handled a great deal, nor had he received farrier care. He is just learning to balance on three legs to get his hooves trimmed. Casey is very gentle and agreeable.

We had hoped that once Casey was in full health he would be sound for riding, but due to an old injury, that has turned out to not be the case. He has built-up scar tissue on his right hock, and that prevents him from being sound enough to ride. However, we still hope to find Casey a wonderful home as a companion.

Until that time, please donate towards Casey's care or sponsor him. He will be very grateful!

At left, how Casey looks now, October 2011 - a huge improvement!

Read Casey's story when he first arrived.

Check out Casey's wonderful progress!

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