Duncan was an approximately 20 year old Tennessee Walker/Saddlebred gelding at the time of his rescue in May 2010. He was found abandoned in the woods along with his friend Emma, a miniature horse. A family heard of the horses' plight, and took the pair in until they could be placed or accepted into a rescue. The gentle gelding, about 15 hands high, was kept close to his friend for security and hand walked, but needed farrier work, and to gain 250 pounds. (Photo right)

While the family was able to take care of some of Duncan's needs, Mylestone undertook the expense of all vet and farrier care, and on May 12th, he was trailered to the farm at the same time Emma was taken to Popcorn Park. (Read their full story.) When Duncan was released into his paddock, he trotted around .. and around ... and around. Despite neglect and starvation, parasites and lice, and stall confinement for over 6 weeks, Duncan knew he'd found freedom. He moved with a grace and fluidity that belies his neglected condition, barely touching the ground with his hooves when he moves.

We are very happy to report that one of our own volunteers, Jessie, has adopted Duncan. She always had a soft spot for him, but over the last year, she decided he was meant to be hers. On February 11, 2013, Duncan was officially adopted by Jessie! Read the complete story here.

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