Adelaide is a 16 year old Thoroughbred mare at the time of her rescue in March 2010, and 16 hands high. She has made great progress since her arrival, (see above photo),and is available for adoption as a companion only. She has spunk and has really come out of her shell since she arrived. She is a nice mover, but due to problems never addressed with her hooves, her grace can be appreciated only from the ground, (i.e. Adelaide is not ridable.).

At left is Adelaide at the time of her rescue. Below right shows her progress in just 2 months at Mylestone.

Adelaide needs an experienced handler as she is full of energy when ready to go out. She is a good companion and is very flashy with her beautiful dark bay coat and white markings, and a beauty since she has gained nearly 200 pounds. It is wonderful to watch her galloping down the field, a far cry from the deeply depressed mare we first rescued.

Rescuing Adelaide was the first time we had experienced dealing with a hoarder, and although only two of the animals which were part of the cruelty case were horses, the impact was overwhelming. We were fortunate to find a home for the other mare, and give the kind of intensive care to Adelaide that she so desperately needed. The details of Adelaide's problems when she first arrived can be found in the story of this cruelty case.

Adelaide still needs your support. Please sponsor Adelaide or contribute to her care. If you feel you may be interested in adopting her, please contact us.

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