Jingle was a grey paint, and was approximately 11 years old when his life was saved on Christmas Eve, 2009. He was in the feed lot at an auction house, one left behind as many of the other horses were being sold. A phone call from Mylestone saved his life. Two days later, Mylestone went down in the pouring rain to pick up the lame and frightened gelding. He was loaded up on the trailer and taken to a farm near Mylestone to be quarantined.

Initially anxious when he came to the farm in mid-January, he quickly took to Patty and Lucy, but didn't hit it off quite so well with Apache, so Jingle was temporarily placed in the adjoining area so he could still enjoy their company through the fence. Jingle was once well cared for, had good weight, but his lameness issues were puzzling. X-rays revealed old injuries, but they didn't explain some of the difficulties Jingle demonstrated in turning, and why he was better some days than others. This was all being investigated by Mylestone's vets so he could be as comfortable as possible.

Jingle loved the other horses, and was the only one of two who had ever taken a real liking to Linus whose space adjoined the paddock where Jingle was being turned out. This very sweet boy with the adoring brown eyes seemed to know how close a brush with death he had, and was always loving and grateful.

Sadly, we had to humanely euthanize Jingle in October 2014 due to extreme arthritis, his left leg bowing out and losing the mobility that would allow him to bend his knee. This kind and gentle soul will be very much missed.

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