Josie was a lovely jet black Quarter horse mare whom we estimate to be in her late 20's, (in 2013). Not much was known about Josie's past other than that she had been a brood-mare, and we think she may also have been a halter horse, and may have been broke to ride.

How Mylestone rescued Josie through the same unique circumstance that has sometimes brought other horses in need to the farm. One of our horses, Lena, had just passed away, and she left her stall door open for Josie when she needed it most. Josie was abandoned by her owner at a local farm, and although someone looked out for her, she couldn't afford to take her. Unwanted on the farm, Josie faced the auction and possibly slaughter, possibly research.

There was something very special about Josie; she had a very tranquil quality, and soon after her arrival, her kind and patient nature helped a recent arrival, Clyde, to settle down. They became great friends, until sadly, he passed away in less than a year. Josie then kept company with Cloudy, who tended to boss her around. Josie's world, however, revolved around Cloudy and in her eyes, he could do no wrong.

Josie was evaluated and found to have degenerative arthritis in her hocks and stifles. Because of this, she was not an excellent candidate for adoption, but still loved the suport of sponsors and attention of volunteers. We had to say goodbye to Josie in late August 2013 for a number of reasons, foremost she had gone down in her shed and could not get up. When we got her up, her hind leg was injured and painful. This and her advanced arthritis left us with the kindest choice for Josie ... and we said our sad goodbyes.

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