Daphne was much loved in her short life

Daphne (1998-2005)

July 28, 2005 -  It is with deep sadness I tell you we lost Daphne. She was doing so well on the EPM medication but had a septic reaction to the medication killing off the protozoa in her spine. We tried in vain to save her with IV DMSO, steroids and fluids but she continued to go into shock and her brain was swelling. She could no longer chew or swallow, and was reduced to head pressing to relieve the pressure. She was put down and we are devastated by her loss at only 7 years old. She was rescued out of the kill pen at New Holland. Her happy go lucky demeanor and sweet face will be greatly missed. We were able to give her 4 1/2 more years where she was happy and well loved. It is a tragic loss for all of us.

A sweetheart loved by all

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