Clyde was pulled from the kill pen days before heading to a slaughter plant, thanks to the help Of Colleen McDonald from Equine Kneads. He was an old hack horse that wore the hardships of his life on his face. We estimated him to be 25-30 years old when he came to Mylestone, and not much older when he left us, black with an almost completely gray face. He was swaybacked with scars and cysts on his back, having spent years of his life with a heavy saddle on his back.

We do not think Clyde had known much kindness in his life. We were told he was nasty and dangerous, so we decided to pull him from the kill pen and put him down humanely if he was truly that bad. So when he first arrived, we simply hoped that whatever time he had left, he would at least leave this world knowing people cared about him. And that is indeed what happened. He got lots of TLC here. As it turned out, Clyde wasn't nasty, just a bit grumpy and skittish. His behavior indicated that he was most likely never turned out, but kept tacked and tied in his barn. Not surprisingly, when he arrived, Clyde did not want to come out of his shed.

Clyde made good progress in a short amount of time, and soon was being turned out for longer periods. His initial running along the fence became pacing, and he ventured more out of the shed to eat hay and accept treats. He has also befriended another new horse, Josie.

Clyde had only days left in the kill pen before an agonizing trip to slaughter, Mylestone reached out a hand to Clyde to save his life from a horrible end, and thankfully, many of you became his friend, too, and made his last time on earth his best.

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