Yaz is one lucky fellow. From rough beginnings as a sickly Premarin foal in Canada, he would have been sent to slaughter had Mylestone not rescued him in 2000. It took awhile to get here, but Yaz is now having the time of his life, loved forever by Debbie Lloyd of Enchanted Woods Farm in NJ.

A kiss and a scratch for Yaz from an adoring Mom.

Debbie met Yaz in November 2007, shortly after he'd been returned from a previous placement. He had some medical issues to be attended to, and Debbie wanted to take her time in getting to know him. She wanted to be sure he was right for her. Over the next year, Debbie fell in love with the sweet and intelligent soul that was Yaz, and in November 2008, Debbie adopted him and took him home.

At this year's Wine Tasting, held for Mylestone by the Lloyds, we had a a chance to catch up. Debbie was kind enough to venture into the wet field in her party sandals to give Mylestone the opportunity to take some photos of Yaz and his adoring mom.

Debbie reports that Yaz has made leaps and bounds in his confidence and manners as a wonderful and trustworthy trail horse. She and Yaz have been working with Joe Williams in natural horsemanship training, and Yaz is now learning to load onto a trailer with confidence.

Debbie with Yaz and at left, not to be left out, her Freesian, Taj.

Debbie couldn't be happier than she is with Yaz. Watching Debbie scratch him, hug him and just beam when she talks about him is proof positive that Yaz is more than lucky - he's loved, and will be forever.

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