Dakota is a wonderful gelding who has been with us for several years. His original owners could no longer afford him, and gave him away to what they thought would be a good home. However, he ended up being ridden too hard, and being used for jumping lessons. He broke down and went lame within a few months.

No longer useful or wanted, Dakota was headed to a dealer. Thanks to several people who worked behind the scenes, his life was spared and he came to live at Mylestone.

Dakota is a 26-year-old (in 2017) registered quarter horse. He has the best personality and loves people. He doesn't like crowds of people but one on one he is a really good boy. He also gets along with other horses really well. He is currently turned out with Blaze.

Due to his past, Dakota is not ridable. He has foundered several times and also suffers from navicular and arthritis in his hocks. He wears very special shoes which have kept him comfortable for quite awhile now. Because he is eager to please with a happy go lucky attitude, he is often used in our grooming program for the special needs students and for new volunteers to brush. Dakota is very kind and truly has a heart of gold, and would love to be sponsored by you. Because he's worth his weight in that wonderful, rich, golden stuff, we hope you will sponsor Dakota, which will also help with his additional expenses.

We have decided to bring Dakota into the Sanctuary Horse group rather than have him available for adoption. Despite his outstanding personality, Dakota has numerous medical expenses and the additional cost of specialized shoes which most adopters don't wish to undertake in an older horse. We know he's just fine here with us and with his brushing from the kids who come to the farm. It's a good life and he's happy. Happier still if you were to sponsor him!

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