Silas came to us in a most unusual manner. We received a call late at night from a woman who had a horse in her yard. We went out to catch him and luckily had a spot nearby where he could stay overnight. The next day we brought him back to Mylestone. It took awhile but we found his owner - a mile and a half away.

He had been kept alone, and been escaping through a loose fence. Local neighbors had been buying food to feed him. He was in good shape overall, just lame from being loose for a while. It was discovered that his owner was dealing with a tragic situation and where he'd been kept wouldn’t take him back. So this 17 hand Thoroughbred gelding came to our farm, fortunate in timing, for one week earlier we did not have room.

Once at Mylestone, Silas settled in nicely and did his best to be playmates with the geldings in the front paddock. It took a little while, but they soon all settled down in one happy herd. A bit more about him - Silas was 13 years old when he came to us. He is an ex-race horse, though we don't know how many years he raced. He is a handsome chestnut gelding, has very nice conformation, and a wonderful personality.

In February, 2011, Silas went out on trial for adoption. We are pleased to announce he was then adopted by Jaye Meeker, one of Mylestone's farriers, and things are working out great. Read about Silas' happy adoption and his work with Jaye.

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