Jiminy Cricket
Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket arrived at Mylestone in August 2008. He is a crippled pony, now 15 years old, (in 2015), with a wonderfully sweet disposition. He was originally found at the New Holland auction by someone looking for a ridable pony. When she discovered that he was crippled, she intended to return him there where he would have no doubt been on his way to slaughter. Luckily, someone intervened and saved him. Jiminy has old injuries which cause him to have an awkward gait, but he is able to get around well. Jiminy was also abused in the past and can be leery of people; however, he has come a long way from the frightened pony we first got.

Jiminy has blossomed into a real character! He does crib which is a bad vice some horses have. He bites down on wood and makes a funny noise, which is why he has to wear a cribbing strap around his neck to try to deter the habit. Jiminy does require special care as he is prone to ulcers. He goes out by himself but enjoys playing over the fence with his buddy, Emmett. Jiminy also visits with Donny and Buddy over the fence as well. His chances of adoption are slim due to his various medical issues, but Jiminy is available for monthly sponsorship.

Won't you help this very sweet boy who has come such a long way since the auction. You can read more about Jiminy in our News section or sponsor Jiminy right here!

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