Blaze was a small, 14.2 hands gelding, who had just arrived at Mylestone in time for Valentine's Day 2008. Lucky for him, he had been taken by the Gloucester County Animal Control from an owner who had starved him and refused to care for him properly.

Unfortunately, the Gloucester County ACO's were unable to find him a home who wasn't looking for a horse to ride. With his severe sway back, Blaze could never be ridden without being in pain, nor would any saddle fit him comfortably. As Blaze was taking up the only spot Gloucester County had to house equine cruelty cases, they'd become in a bind. One of the NJ State vets contacted us, asking for our help in finding Blaze a home, which we offered the gentle boy.

Blaze was a super star in our grooming program for our special needs students to brush and hand-walk. He was a kind, patient soul, and he loved the attention. When you called Blaze to come in from the field, he came trotting right to you. When he developed dental issues and could no longer chew hay, we fed him mash. His back became worse, but he was still happy. He enjoyed going out in the morning with Dakota, and being tucked in the barn for the night at dinnertime. Blaze also enjoyed acupuncture treatments from the vet for his back.

Blaze could only be adopted out as a companion horse - he was absolutely not ridable. He'd been through plenty, and needed to spend his senior years relaxing with good food, good friends, and lots of love. As it turned out, those sunset years were spent with Mylestone, adored by everyone, including the special needs students who came to the farm, and whom Blaze adored.

In recent months, Blaze had been on borrowed time, between his becoming neurological from EPM and increasing discomfort in his severely sway back. We did all we could for him and Blaze was still happy; he had a good appetite and wanted to keep on going. But in early June he suffered an injury to his rear leg and could barely walk at all. There was no longer a choice but to humanely euthanize him. We were truly blessed to have Blaze with us these last ten years, and he will be missed terribly.

Read Blaze's Memorial.

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