Margrit's come a long way from when she first arrived. It's not hard to see looking at her `after' photos, above and at bottom, and comparing them with the photos taken shortly after she arrived, that Margrit has made wonderful progress at Mylestone. She was terribly underweight when she first came to the farm, and this was an improvement over her condition when she was taken by another rescue who held her for us until we could arrange transport.

Margrit had spent her entire life tied to one tree on the wooded property resembling a junkyard of a person who collected all kinds of things, including animals. The Appaloosa mare was never provided shelter during any season but whatever foliage might happen to be overhead at the time. There she was bred, and there she gave birth. When old enough, her foal was tied to another tree `til sold.

Margrit hasn't always been the easiest horse due to her years of confinement and neglect. She has dreadful fears of many men and especially our farrier. We believe that work on her hooves must have been a torturous and possibly abusive experience for her.

Yet Margrit continues to come around. She shares her paddock with Sunny and gets along well him. But her greatest moment came this past Spring of 2007, when Margrit looked around, then suddenly picked up and tore at a full gallop around her paddock -- finally realizing she was free. Every horse on the farm literally stopped what they were doing and just watched. We can only imagine - if horses can feel proud of one another - how their hearts must have burst to watch this moment of triumph for one of their own.

You can read her complete story here.

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