Blue was a small, older horse, about 15 hands, who has been badly starved. He needed to gain upwards of 250 lbs. when he arrived at Mylestone. He was a flea-bitten gray, and appeared to be 20+ years, an Arab/QH cross. He had horrible muscle wasting from being starved so long, and required a great deal of care to bring him back to health. We hoped he could pull him through. We also suspected he may have been used for riding lessons in this condition. He'd been deprived of food for such a long time, that he wasn't even used to being fed. He didn't seem to realize that food was going to keep coming. But we knew, and he gradually came to know, too, that he would never starve again.

To start, we fed Blue 8 small meals around the clock. He was unable to chew grass or hay due to bad teeth and from muscle wasting around his face. He would require mash for the rest of his life and that many meals. We estimated that it would probably take a year before we saw significant improvement in his condition. We wondered how long Blue suffered like this ... but thankfully, his suffering was over once he arrived here and he got all the care he so desperately deserved.

Blue was a gentle old soul who was grateful for all the caring support he received, the patience that was afforded him, and the endless supply of food. It took awhile to bring Blue back to health, and in this regard, he did amazingly well. Many donors really reached out to Blue and that help has been so appreciated. It seemed to us that he had all but forgotten the life of suffering he'd known when it came his time to move on to Greener Pastures .

Please read more about Blue when he first arrived, his wonderful progress, or his memorial. Blue touched many, many hearts and will be remembered by all whose lives he touched.

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