Apache was a very sweet, 22+ year old Appaloosa gelding with leopard markings. He worked in a theme park for many years, being ridden in demomstrations of the old American West - of 'Indians' fighting 'cowboys'. It is not exactly clear how Apache came to have a fractured hip, but he suffered with it for two long years, his pain never addressed. It's not believed that he ever even saw a vet. His owner offered Apache for free rather than send him to slaughter, at least willing to save his life. When Apache arrived at Mylestone at the end of October, 2006, he could hardly bear any weight on his rear leg at all. Despite terrible pain, his disposition remained sweet.

Upon examination, our vet saw little hope for Apache and leaned towards putting him down. He had only one chance, and that was to take injections in his hip which were extremely expensive and beyond Mylestone's means. A very kind and generous sponsor was willing to help Apache to see if the medication could improve his condition and save his life. We saw a noticeable improvement and had reason to believe that he soon would no longer need these intensive treatments and could be maintained. He also came to us with mange, and was treated for that as well as ulcers from his long bout of stress and pain.

Apache lived happily with his own small - miniature, actually - herd, Patty and Lucy.

Apache found a new life with Mylestone, but needed ongoing care to keep him comfortable. To see such hope in his eyes - a horse who knew such intense suffering for two years - was what convinced us to try. And for the last 7 years, we did, and Apache lived a good life. In early 2014, he became neurological and there was no choice but to humanely euthanize him. We said our goodbyes on March 5th, already knowing how deeply he would be missed by everyone at the farm. Sweet dreams, beautiful boy.

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