Maxfield is a handsome 15 year old chestnut Quarter Horse gelding. He was no longer wanted by his owner after he suffered a horrible injury. His owners thought so little of him that they were unwilling to get him the medical attention he needed and deserved. He was left in a stall suffering for almost a month. When Maxfield finally received medical attention, it was learned he had severed his superficial tendon in his left front leg. This is a serious injury and very painful. It was cruel of his owners not to provide the proper care he needed. He was scheduled to go to an auction where he no doubt would have gone for slaughter being this lame. With the help of a local reporter we found out about his fate. After months of stall rest with diligent care to ice his leg daily and poultice wraps each night, Max improved greatly.

Max was adopted by Dari who loved him dearly. Unfortunately, Max developed additional medical problems. There could not have been a more devoted owner than Dari who tried everything that could possibly be tried to save Max's life, but sadly, it was Max's time to leave ... knowing he was loved as never before.

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