Smokey & Wyatt
Smokey & Wyatt

It's amazing what love and proper care can do - two horses who came to Myelstone in the beginning of September 2005 in the most deplorable condition have rallied with the help and support of so many people who cared - volunteers, our vets, our farriers and equine vet, and the many wonderful people who have provided financial support through donations and sponsorship. But not least of the people who have helped this pair are Susankelly and Bruce, who have ministered to them both constantly - preparing and feeding 8 meals a day for the delicate stomachs that had been empty for so long, administering meds in treating Smokey's Cushings disease, and assuring them that life was worth living after all.

The photos below tell all there is to tell on their miraculous recovery. For additonal photos and information, please read Smokey and Wyatt's story when they first arrived.

Smokey was emaciated - every bone protruding. Below, just 10 months later, he's put on plenty of weight.

Wyatt, too, was emaciated. Below he's put on almost all his weight.

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