Magnificent William
William 3/13/66-2/5/04

It is late at night I open the gate -- despite being deaf you somehow know I am coming and I hear you nicker to me before all the other horses. You came along way from the skeleton you once were. You have no teeth and relied on 6-7 meals of mash a day, which you relished every time you ate. Spilling your mash down the sides of the wall, you ate in a blissful peace. Your eyes failed you and your hearing dimmed, so you relied on your smell. You trusted us. We became your eyes as we walked you out to your field. You found comfort in your routine and were safe. I made you a padded halter so you wouldn’t bang your head on anything. I think you tolerated it more for me than you. You were the sunshine in my day, always offering me a friendly hello. You loved to be brushed and I loved listening to your low nicker as I curried your favorite spots like the dip in your sway back. You were tough, not liking the vets or dentist and willing to put up a fuss. Yet when I had to treat your right eye every two hours for weeks we had an understanding and you welcomed the extra treats. People marveled at your age, almost 38, yes I know. You looked wonderful, fat and round.

You forgave the neglect you had suffered, a year in your stall starving never being turned out. We may have put fat on your bones; given you a clean stall and a safe place to wander but you gave me unconditional love everyday. The barn is much quieter; I miss your constant nickers and soft neighs. You had peace here, I knew how truly grateful you were. You told us every day.

William, loved by Susankelly and Bruce

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