What could this little pony have done so wrong to have deserved her fate? Lizzy was one of three horses on a farm; the owners needed to remove the three horses but only had room for two in the trailer. So they left Lizzy tied to the wall in the barn by herself. For at least six months, this was the horrific life Lizzy led - she was fed but couldn't really move; she needed a farrier, but saw none; she is a herd animal, but suffered in complete isolation.

Her hooves were starting to curl when we got Lizzy here - she couldn't be alone or she panicked, and she couldn't even have the dutch doors to the little barn she shares with Peppermint Patty and Lucy closed. It's hard to imagine someone would drive off without their third horse and not look back or care. But such was Lizzy's fate.

Lizzy came a far way since she first arrived, as you can read in our first write-up about her. She settled down and became a part of her own small herd with Lucy, Patty and then Apache. At least we know that the short time Lizzy spent at Mylestone was a time spent with equine friends and so many people that truly loved her. You can read more on Lizzy's Memorial Page.

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