Smokey was an older pony who was starved at the same location as Wyatt. When he arrived at Mylestone he was near death, and had lost one third of his body weight. He was such a sweetheart - this poor boy didn't even know to come for his meals, he had gotten so acclimated to never having anything at all to eat. Smokey was initially fed 8 small meals of mash and baby oatmeal a day to help his system adjust to food. Because of his age and medical issues Smokey could not digest hay, and continued to need his meals spread apart, but in time was fine on 7 small meals. He also had Cushings disease that had gone untreated for many years, but his new medication helped him quite a bit.

From needing to gain nearly 300 pounds, Smokey came a long way, but didn't have enough reserves to be a strong horse again. So here he was babied, and loved and respected as the sweet senior citizen he was. He was only with us a year and a half, but will be missed by everyone.

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