This is Henry, but everyone called him Hank. He was quite a stocky fellow but not very tall -- about 15.1 hands, and palomino in color. He had some Belgian draft horse in his breeding, which explained his size. He came to Mylestone after being a lesson horse for many years. The barn where he lived had to Hank greeting a visitor at Open Houserelocate and he needed a new home. It was a big adjustment moving as he had been at his old barn for 20 years. He settled down at Mylestone and enjoyed his retirement.

Hank had some bad arthritis in his right knee, so his lesson days were over. Here he had a new job: he was part of the Stepping Stones program for emotionally handicapped children. He just loved the attention, and sometimes there would be 4 or 5 children brushing him at the same time! He loved being fussed with and cared for. He loved anyone who would be friends with him at Mylestone, as you can see here when he greeted a visitor to Open House. Hank was a very special boy who loved horse treats, a smile, and a kind hand. He certainly will be missed.

Please read Hank's Memorial - Remembering Hank.

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