Simon was a large grade pony and may have had some mustang in him. He came from out west, and at one point he was branded. He was horribly beaten, and while he was sound, he was very unpredictable. He was with us for several years and while there were times when he was fine, he had days when Susankelly was the only one who could catch him. He tried hard to be good but he had a lot of demons from being beaten in his past. At Mylestone he felt safe so we decided not to adopt him out due to his past history. Simon was a handsome boy, about 21 years old, who was grateful for the gentle treatment he received here and for his generous and understanding sponsors.

Simon, although he never suffered with lameness, developed cancer in his intestines. The growth of untreatable tumors and the increasing pain which could no longer be alleviated, was why we decided to put Simon down. He left us peacefully on October 14, 2006, and will be missed.

Read more about him in Simon's Memorial Tribute.

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