Dillon is a beautiful 25 year-old (in 2017) red roan Appaloosa gelding. He came to Mylestone in 2000 after some terrible encounters. Dillon was gaining a reputation that often results in fatal consequences - “dangerous to ride.” His difficult behavior stemmed from pain and fear; pain in his back when ridden and fear of the beatings he endured because he was unable to do the work expected of him. He had been to auction several times and was bouncing from owner to owner. Each time he was misunderstood and mishandled. This vicious cycle had Dillon in a downward spiral. Luckily, a woman rescued him. Unable to keep him herself, but determined he should not go back to auction, she contacted Mylestone.

Dillon's under-saddle days are behind him now. He has learned that people are not entirely bad, and trots up to the fence to greet visitors and eagerly takes any treats offered.

He accepts gentle pats and strokes on his face and neck; his eyes have softened and his personality shines. Dillon’s bright expression and big personality make us smile.

Dillion is buddies with Scout, above, and they spend the nights out in the front field.

Dillon is lucky and has a good life now - he really needed a second chance. Will you care about him, too? Say 'yes' and sponsor Dillon.

p.s. Dillon is the official spokespony for Mylestone in answering Frequently Asked Questions. He has his own column called Ask Dillon. Take a look!

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