Indy, as he was affectionately called, was a 28-year-old, large pony gelding that had been at Mylestone for quite a few years. He used to be at a rental stable where he was used for a lot of lessons. He went lame and was sold to people who didnít know anything about horses. They realized that he was lame but they didnít know what to do with him. They turned to Mylestone for help, afraid that Indy would end up at an auction if they gave him away.

He had a lot of expensive medical problems. He had foundered in the past, and he had Cushings Disease - which is why he hadnít been able to find a new home. Indy was a bit temperamental at times, and he liked to be the boss. He enjoyed visiting with people, especially if they had treats for him. But his favorite thing to do was roll in the mud, which earned him the nickname of ĎPig Pení in the barn. Indigo was very special to all of the volunteers at Mylestone.

Indy left us at the end of October, 2007. You can read Indy's Memorial here.

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