Over 30 years old, Linus was a miniature horse stallion. He suffered the worst case of neglect we had seen. His hooves were 12-14 inches long. They should have been about 2 inches. He was starved and covered in manure and urine. He had lived the last 5-10 years of his life in a stall 2 feet wide by 3 feet long, receiving a sip of water and a handful of food every other day. It's a testimony to his will to live that Linus even survived.

Although his legs were permanently deformed due to years of neglect, he seemed not to mind. And he sometimes got the urge, and he ran on those little legs, anyway! He loved attention and became Mylestone's official mascot. Linus, having been too old to geld at the age we took him in, also had a very big stallion personality for such a pint-size fella, and we believe Linus secretly thought he ran the whole farm. He had such a special personality, and instantly brought a smile to the face of anyone who met him.

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You can read Linus' whole story, and see how he appeared when he first arrived.

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