Pie, as he was affectionately called, was 20+ year old in 2011, a QH cross gelding. He had been injured out in the field where he lived in a herd setting, and proper medical care was not provided for him for over a year. His owner could not afford to keep him or provide him the proper medical attention.

When he arrived at Mylestone, two of our vets examined him finding that he had a fractured pelvis and tendon inuries which seemed to have healed. However, he was still lame, making him useless in the eyes of most people. He was on some pain medication when needed, was eating well, and was bright and alert. We didn't know what his long-term future would hold due to his injuries, but he came along quite nicely and was content for now. Pioneer was never ridable. In fact, we kept Pie in a small area because if he were to run he would have re-injured the tendon in his left hind leg. For this reason, Pie lived his life happily with Mylestone, always adored by volunteers and visitors.

In Memory of Pioneer ... April 11, 2011. Read his memorial.

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