Ghost arrived on Halloween day 2004 in need of a home. He was a TB gelding who had been raced. This stately horse bore the grizzly marks of an antiquated practice from that industry - pin-firing. Ghost was pin-fired many years ago over 100 times in each leg. This practice was used as an aid to strengthen injured or weak tendons. The theory was that red-hot probes stuck into the tendon would promote healing, (by injuring it more), and allow fluid from the swelling to seep out of the holes that remained. Needless to say, this procedure is no longer practiced by the majority of veterinarians.

In spite of enduring this horrific procedure, Ghost did not recover enough to race again, so he was sent off as a riding horse for several years. He had poor conformation which led to several lameness issues as well as terrible hooves which were very short. He was so lame when he came to us that it was hard to tell precisely what was bothering him. Placing a very lame companion horse was difficult to begin with let alone going into winter. This is why we took him in.

Ghost, Casey and Sundance at the front paddock fence.

Because of Ghost's lameness issues, our farrier spent a great deal of time caring for him, and Ghost required front shoes every 5-6 weeks which were quite costly. In addition, he was prone to injury. Ghost could easily have fallen through the cracks and ended up at an auction. With proper care at Mylestone, he improved greatly and we are happy we were able to provide that for him. He was turned out during the day in the front field with Sundance and Casey (and Dillon when he was with us), and enjoyed playing with them.

Although Ghost was available for adoption as a companion horse, his many issues lessened his chances greatly. And so he stayed with us. He had many melanomas, both inside his body and out. In the early months of 2020, Ghost's behavior began to change, and he became erratic and fearful. With the help of our vets, bloodwork and many other tests were done, but no answers were revealed. Behavioral solutions were tried, also to no avail. As Ghost's behavior became increasingly dangerous, even to the people he loved most, we made the only decision left for him. Sadly, Ghost was euthanized in April, and is missed by many.

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