Dewey was a Standardbred racehorse who broke down on the track and could no longer race. His last owner called Mylestone after they noticed that he only ran on three legs. Mylestone's vet determined that he had fractured his pelvis and injured his stifle in the left hind leg. He should have never been ridden, as it was painful for him. He had had a tough life, but at one time we believed that Dewey would make a good companion horse.

However, because of his ongoing lameness issues, Dewey had been made a Sanctuary Horse. Recently the arthritis resulting from his fractured pelvis and injured left hind leg was becoming unbearably painful. As it is our greatest concern that our horses have a good quality of life, and Dewey's was steadily declining, we did the kindest thing and humanely euthanized him. He was 18 years old, when on Monday, August 14, we released Dewey to run without pain in Greener Pastures.

Please read Dewey's special tribute.

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