Quincy was a 25+year-old Quarter Horse gelding, once a lesson horse at a large riding facility where he had to work very hard. He became lame with Navicular disease, a painful bone condition in the hooves. He was going to be sent to a dealer, with a good possibility that he would end up at auction for slaughter. Luckily for him, a kind woman who used to ride him, bought him and asked Mylestone to help.

Quincy’s unassuming personality was so charming. Care had to be taken when handling him as he was mistreated in his early days, and he could sometimes spook at things. He did best if you let him know you were going to touch him before doing so, otherwise he might startle and move quickly. Over the years, he had gotten much better about trusting people.

Quincy had a stall in our barn, and was turned out with Ghost, Sundance and Dillon. He enjoyed the company of people and loved a gentle, thorough grooming -- his beautiful copper coat shone like a new penny. Quincy was very affectionate and had been available for adoption as a companion. He was not rideable because of the Navicular disease.

In very late August Quincy started to lose weight rapidly and became dull, not eating. A veterinary exam revealed a large mass in his abdomen, and he was euthanized in early September to spare him any further suffering.

Quincy was very grateful to have a second chance at life thanks to the kind people that helped him. We are very grateful to all those who loved and cared for Quincy over the years he lived here at Mylestone.

Read Quincy's memorial.

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