When his owner went to college, Doodle's new home fell through at the last minute. Mylestone agreed to take him in with the understanding from the owners that they would help with his expenses. Unfortunately, they ended up not helping with Doodle's yearly expenses, so we accepted him as one of our adoptable residents. Doodle is a 30+ year old (in 2011) grade gelding who gets attached to other horses very easily. He requires front shoes and could probably lead children around on his back, but he is not really rideable.

Above is Doodle with his good friend, Ginger (right), and below, with Megan.

Happily, this doesn't matter at all to his devoted adopter, Megan Metzelaar. Megan is a volunteer at Mylestone for several years, and in her time spent with us, she fell in love with Doodle Bug. In fact, she fell for him in a big way, and decided to adopt him! Doodle has not done well off the farm in his previous two adoption attempts, so Doodle will stay right here with us, with all his expenses covered by Megan. The happy pair will see each other all the time, and Doodle can remain with his horse friends where he's most comfortable. A great happy ending for this wonderful guy.

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