Ginger was a 30+ year old grade mare that came to us starved and in a severely depleted state. She required special feed made into a mash. She was not rideable, but would have made a good companion horse. As it happened, Ginger, like many of our horses, enjoyed her wonderful and improved quality of life right here at Mylestone. She was an Alpha mare and was turned our with another mare and gelding that she got along well with. She could be high strung at times, but in her later years mellowed out quite a bit. Ginger came a long way from when she first arrived in September 2013.

Ginger left us peacefully at the end of April 2014. She'd been drinking significantly less, and her bloodwork showed she was in kidney failure. We humanely euthanized Ginger, the kindest thing to do, and she left quickly. We'll all miss her.

Read her memorial and see more photos of Ginger

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