Starry Night
Starry Night

Starry Night is a very handsome gelding in his early 20’s. He may be lightly ridable. He is extremely social and loves the other horses. He whinnies to them often. Starry Night is the more outgoing of the two. He can be bossy to Casper which we have really had to watch, but we have modified the barn so each horse can eat on his own without one bossing the other. Starry Night goes out with Casper together in a field of their own, which they very much enjoy.

Casper and Starry Night actually arrived late summer but due to the tragic situation they were coming from we felt it best not to publicize that we had them. Their owners were being court ordered off their property and there was no one to care for the horses. It was a dire situation for the horses and we agreed to take them. Since the horses were relatively local two friends of Mylestone were able to trailer them to the farm on short notice. They have settled in well.

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