Phebe is a paint pony in her mid-20’s with a sweet personality, needing to gain about 100 pounds. She came to us in May 2018 from another horse rescuer, Dawn of Rosemary Farm. Dawn had seen her for sale on craigslist, where she was in bad shape. Dawn purchased her to insure a safe future for the starving pony, and posted her on Facebook.She named her Phebe after Susankelly's mom, who had recently passed away.

It was on Facebook that Susankelly first saw Phebe, but didn't think much about her at the time. When she checked back, the post said that Phebe was very sweet and loved attention. Mylestone offered to help Dawn find her a home if she needed help placing her. The timing was perfect.

Dawn already had 85 rescue horses on her farm, most of whom lived out, and was full up, and the foster home that was to take Phebe had just fallen through. Dawn felt that Phebe really needed more attention than they could give her, but seeing her on craigslist, she couldn't say no. Who knew what might happen to a starving horse for sale on craigslist? She asked if Mylestone would like her and was delighted that Phebe would be safe and loved at the farm.

Phoebe greeting another of her new friends, Dakota.

This is another instance of great outcomes for horses when rescue groups work together. Many more horses are helped through cooperation than could be helped by any one group alone, and now Phebe has a bright future with Mylestone ... or maybe with you! Meanwhile, Phebe continues her recovery with us where she has settled in well. She is also a possible candidate for working with the special needs kids in our grooming program.

If you would like to help Phebe and contribute to her care, please make a donation and mention that it's for Phebe. You can also sponsor Phebe, and receive monthly updates on her well-being and happenings at the farm.

See more photos here when Phebe first arrived.

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