Tucker came to Mylestone in early 2018, saved from going to slaughter. He is about 15-16 years old, clearly very handsome, and very sweet.

He came to us through a woman who'd first met him at a riding stable affiliated with a large city park where he was used for trail riding. When he came up lame, a dealer took him, promising to take him to a therapeutic riding facility for light riding, but instead took him to auction, where Tucker ended up in the kill pen due not being bought.

This incredibly kind and generous woman asked if Mylestone could take him in if she paid for him, plus his quarantine and trailering, all adding up to $2,000. Luckily, we were able to take Tucker in at this time. The woman couldn't keep him herself; she just wanted to save his life. And Tucker arrived to start his new, safe, and happy life with Mylestone.

Tucker is lame, and due to his navicular, he needs special shoes, but otherwise, is a happy and healthy boy. He enjoys spending time with Emmet, Holly and Woody in the mornings, and is out in the front field with Sundance in the afternoon. We couldn't ask for a sweeter horse to join Mylestone.

We hope you will welcome Tucker to the farm, too. He is in need of sponsors or you could make a donation towards his care. Thank you!

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