After Mylestone Equine Rescue takes a horse and nurses it back to health, he or she is put up for adoption. Many of the horses are not rideable for one reason or another. If you are interested in adopting a horse that is currently under the care of Mylestone, please email us, and we can arrange for you to meet the horse. If you would like to help, but cannot take a horse yourself, you can sponsor any of the horses that are currently under our care. Just visit the Adoptable Horses or Sanctuary Horses sections of our web site.

Mollee enjoyed wandering the Musum's farm

Both blind and deaf, Mollee was blessed to have
found a loving home who would accept and work with her.


If you would be interested in being put on our "CALL" list, the list of people that we notify - usually via email - when we learn of horses that are in need of a good home, please email us your name, address and telephone number along with specific requirements of the horse you are seeking.

Please include three references when sending us your email, one of which must be a veterinarian. These requests are kept on file, and we will notify you when we find a horse fitting your description. These horses are not part of Mylestone but belong to individual owners that can no longer care for them.

Please include the following information when making an inquiry:

  • Your Name
  • City, State
  • Horse Experience and any other horses that you own
  • Three references - one must be a veterinarian
  • Information about the Horse you are seeking
  • Level of riding you wish to do ( how many times a week)
  • What level of soundness you would require
  • Would you consider a horse with a medical problem?
  • Would you consider an underweight horse?
  • What is the minimum and maximum age you would consider?
  • Breed/ Color / Sex Preferred ( you may be notified about horses that do not meet these criteria)
  • Minimum Degree of training the horse would have to have for you to consider it e.g., bombproof (highly trained), Good on Trails/ needs ring work, Needs work, Green or young horse.

** Please Note **

Most of the horses under the care of Mylestone Equine Rescue, and most horses referred to us, are often animals in need of extra TLC. Some suffer from being overworked/overridden, malnourished/starved or generally neglected. In many cases, these conditions prevent them from being ridden. However, these horses make great companions, and enjoy extra love and attention. Send us your requirements, and we will notify you when a horse that meets your description becomes available.


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