Our Horses

Without Mylestone, where would we be? Tied in barns, tied to trees, left inside or outside to starve, injured, lame and in pain, blind, or standing in the kill pen waiting for our death sentence. Waiting for our final ride to the agony of a cruel and undeserved end.

What did we do to deserve these fates? We didn't run fast enough, jump high enough or last a hundred years. We didn't stay healthy despite our age; we didn't make `someone' money or `someone' happy. We once were young and bright and special, and held hope for `someone'.  But we weren't perfect, and 'someone' no longer cared.

Finally ... we made it to Mylestone. Where our bodies and hearts are healed, where our imperfections are accepted and we can at last rest and just be loved.

Welcome to Mylestone - please read about us and know, that while we still need your caring support, we are the lucky ones. And know that there are others who wait ... for when Mylestone has the space, they will take them, too - imperfections and all.  We are grateful that love is blind.


Mylestone News

Read about our Equine Relief Fund and how Mylestone is helping horses in need beyond the farm. ..

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