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Iíd love to come visit! Can I drop by and see the horses? - Judith in West Orange

While we would love to see you, Judith, people actually canít just drop by for several reasons. One, this is a private, working farm and also the home of the people who run Mylestone. I was always told it was not nice to just trot up to peopleís houses without being expected, so itís MUCH better to have an appointment.
Plus everyone is very, very busy. Thereís a lot to be done during the day for all of us, especially at feeding time. Particularly the older horses who get medication and are on a very rigid schedule which must be kept. And then the farrier comes and then the vet - itís just not possible for the volunteers to stop what theyíre doing to show visitors around.
But remember to come to Open House in October which is really the best time, and Mylestone does give tours for people by appointment, so that would be your best bet. Thanks for caring about us!


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