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How do the horses at Mylestone get their names? - Anna in New Jersey

When horses finally come to Mylestone they have already had sad, painful lives. Even though each came with a name, and some have had many names as they went from owner to owner, when they come to Mylestone they are starting anew. Therefore, we give them the name that they’ll be known by for the rest of their lives. Often the name is similar enough to their old name so the horse can recognize it easily, but other times, the horse is named for something special about him – for instance Ghost was named because he came on Halloween (and is a ghostly gray color). Shadow was named because he followed Susankelly around like a Shadow whenever she went into his pen.
Each case is different, Anna, but most important is that each of us got a name just suited to us alone, a name that marked the beginning of a kinder, more caring life.


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