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Here at Mylestone, there are questions that visitors often ask, and since we have so many equine residents that are familiar with the daily routine, we asked for a volunteer to write our FAQ's. We are happy to report that Dillon offered and is our new official FAQ spokespony!

Also, please take a moment and read Dillon's interview with Shadow!

If you have a question, please contact us with your question for Dillon and he will respond with an answer on the web site or in `Nickers and Neighs' as quickly as he can between grazing, greeting visitors and playing in the front field!

Here's a recent photo of me grazing in the late afternoon with my longtime buddy, Scout.

Iíd love to come visit! Can I drop by and see the horses? - Judith in West Orange

How is it determined which horses stay in the barn at night and which stay outside? - MarySue in Dunellen, NJ

What does it mean when they say float the horsesí teeth? I canít believe their teeth float! - Jennifer in Port Murray

Why do you do night feedings? Arenít you all really exhausted? - Robert of NJ

Will I be able to you meet you at Open House? Can I feed you? - Maria from PA

Who was the first horse at Mylestone? - Anna in New Jersey

How do the horses at Mylestone get their names? - Anna in New Jersey

How is Yaz doing these days? -- Pamela in Princeton, NJ


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