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It is with great sadness that we report that Dillon, who answered so many questions in this section, passed away in early 2018. (Read his memorial here.) However, we are leaving the FAQ's here for all those interested, with the understanding that they were all answered when Dillon was still with us.

Here at Mylestone, there are questions that visitors often ask, and since we have so many equine residents that are familiar with the daily routine, we asked for a volunteer to write our FAQ's. It was Dillon who offered to field questions and with that he became our official FAQ Spokespony.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us through the website, ask on Facebook, or at any of our events, and thanks for your interest. Please look here first and see if they are not already answered. Thanks.

Also, please take a moment and read Dillon's interview with Shadow!

A recent photo of Dillon grazing in the late afternoon with his longtime buddy, Scout.

Iíd love to come visit! Can I drop by and see the horses? - Judith in West Orange

How is it determined which horses stay in the barn at night and which stay outside? - MarySue in Dunellen, NJ

What does it mean when they say float the horsesí teeth? I canít believe their teeth float! - Jennifer in Port Murray

Why do you do night feedings? Arenít you all really exhausted? - Robert of NJ

Will I be able to you meet you at Open House? Can I feed you? - Maria from PA

Who was the first horse at Mylestone? - Anna in New Jersey

How do the horses at Mylestone get their names? - Anna in New Jersey

What is your favorite thing about being at Mylestone? -- Rachael in Clifton, NJ


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