Services Provided

Simon enjoys some quiet time

Routine Care

Mylestone provides the very best possible of everything for the horses in our care. Currently there are 28 rescue horses. Those horses requiring the most frequent specialized and/or medical care reside in the main barn with daily turnout. Other horses live in compatible groups with small barns or run-in sheds and have constant access to the outdoors. Paddocks are enclosed with the highest quality diamond mesh fencing, or for some of the smaller enclosures, round pen fencing.

Every horse under Mylestone's care receives the best feed available for his or her special needs. Because so many of the residents of Mylestone are older, had been starved or have medical issues, it is necessary to feed grain or mash in addition to or instead of hay. For some of our recovering horses, they are fed 8 small meals per day to help them absorb nutrition. All horses are fed breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late night feeding. Water is dumped and refreshed and checked periodically every day and throughout the day.

Stalls, barns and sheds are mucked daily, as are smaller paddocks; larger paddocks, several times a week.

Veterinary, Dental and Farrier

The Mylestone horses receive constant care on every front. Because many had or still have medical issues, our veterinarians visit several times weekly, and are truly our heroes in emergencies as they drive long roads at all hours of the night to assist a horse in trouble. Regular visits assure that all horses are properly monitored and medicated as needed. Mylestone is also visited regularly by equine dentists who provide routine as well as emergency care.

Because Mylestone horses have suffered numerous injuries in their past lives as racehorses and discarded lesson horses, our farrier has his work cut out for him. Whether providing special shoes to help some walk or caring for the feet of those who've suffered, our farriers are always available to us on a regular and emergency basis.

Lots of TLC

In addition to the best in physical care, the horses at Mylestone are the recipients of one of the greatest gifts of all ... the love and affection of the volunteers who care for them daily. Whether being brushed, talked to affectionately or just getting a good scratch, the horses at Mylestone are always loved ... and this is perhaps one of the greatest aids in their recovery and in forgetting their painful pasts.

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