Myles, the horse who inspired Mylestone


Mylestone Equine Rescue's history began based on one experience with just one horse and Mylestone's founder and president, Susankelly Thompson.

`Myles was half starved and suffering from navicular disease. When I looked into his big brown eyes, I knew he needed help. A dealer was shuffling him around. I knew his chances for a good home were slim unless I bought him. After 5 months work to improve his health, Myles had blossomed into a real personality. We developed a very special relationship. Unfortunately, toward the end of our first year together he grew unexplainably sick. Chances are cancer played a major part in his illness. I knew it was time to say good-bye. His last year of life he was loved and happy.'

`When Myles died in my arms, I knew there were many other horses out there whose lives could have ended with good care and love rather than be left half starved, suffering or auctioned for slaughter. Mylestone Equine Rescue is dedicated to helping as many of these horses as we can.'

Susankelly Thompson
Founder and President


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