What We Do

In the interest of providing the best possible care for the many horses in need, Mylestone does the following:

Livy enjoys some exercise!

  • Promotes public education about the plight of abused and neglected horses and encourages regulatory action on their humane treatment and transportation.
  • Mylestone works with humane officials to reduce abuse and neglect.
  • Provides ongoing care through a Mylestone affiliated, paid, licensed veterinarian and monitors general welfare through regular visits by trained Mylestone staff.
  • Establishes standards for care: Mylestone provides regular veterinary care including shots, worming, dentistry, and farrier services as well as special care needs.
  • When, due to illness or injury, comfort can no longer be assured, Mylestone provides humane euthanasia for a painless end.
  • Horses that are rehabilitated are available for adoption to "qualified" homes.

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Mylestone News

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